Pasta Shape Catalog


Discover the incredible variety of pasta shapes that our Italian pasta extrusion machines can create. Through a meticulous process of mixing flour and liquid, the dough is skillfully pushed through bronze shaping dies and cut into precise lengths. The use of bronze dies adds a delightful texture to the pasta, allowing it to perfectly hold the sauce.

Our multi-function machines are true marvels, capable of not only mixing and laminating but also producing impeccably smooth rolls of pasta. These rolls can then be transformed into delectable lasagne sheets, long cuts of pasta, or even filled to create exquisite ravioli.

In addition to these remarkable machines, we also offer specialty machines that craft light and fluffy potato gnocchi. These delicate pillows of goodness are sure to delight your taste buds.

Explore our Pasta Shape Catalog and elevate your culinary creations with these exceptional pasta shapes.

Bronze Die - Short Cuts

Bronze Die - Long Cuts

Rolled - Long Cuts

Other Shapes

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